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Low Barrier Vaccine Clinic at Zanzibar: Friday, June 4th!

We’re hosting a low-barrier vaccine clinic at Zanzibar: June 4th!

On June 4th, from 1-7pm, we will be hosting a low-barrier vaccine clinic at Zanzibar Tavern (359 Yonge Street) in partnership with Unity Health & Sherbourne Health. This clinic is for communities who require a low-barrier, no-surveillance clinic to safely access the vaccine . No OHIP/ID or address necessary.

Last year, the Ontario government targeted strip clubs, shutting them down province-wide in response to an uptick in COVID-19 cases without applying the same sanctions to other nightlife venues that reported much larger outbreaks. Mayor John Tory and Premier Doug Ford then both publicly mocked, shamed and made jokes about strippers and their clients in the local media- perpetuating stigma about sex workers.

These decisions were made without the government consulting dancers on occupational health and safety practices for re-opening safely, and without creating access to emergency benefits for sex workers despite their work places being shut down repeatedly.

This is only another example in our province’s long history of labeling sex workers as “vectors of disease”. One of the key reasons sex workers formed Maggie’s was actually in response to the government stigmatizing sex workers as carriers of disease during the 1980s HIV/AIDS epidemic!

We know that sex workers are safer sex professionals and leaders in public health. We are experts in providing sanitary work spaces and practicing safe contact - our livelihoods depend on it. We have been keeping our communities safe for decades.

Our vaccine clinic is a necessary service to sex workers and other marginalized communities who have been left behind in the pandemic. It is also a demonstration of sex workers’ continued leadership in keeping our communities safe, despite the government stigmatizing and further marginalizing our work, our clients, and our work spaces.

Our clinic is providing first doses only of Pfizer through a drop-in format. There are no appointments. Participants will be required to provide a name of their choice and birthdate on a consent form. We do not require a health card, proof of address, or any identification. After receiving the vaccine, participants will be given a paper certificate which can be taken to any other clinic for 2nd doses when they’re available. Connect with us at with any questions!

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