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About Maggie's

Maggie's Toronto Sex Worker's Action Project is one of Canada's oldest by and for sex worker support organizations and one of the first sex worker organizations globally to receive government funding.

Founded in 1986, Maggie's was established on the belief that sex work is real, legitimate and valuable work. We are not an exit organization and we believe that whether sex workers choose to stay or leave their industries, we all deserve to live with safety, dignity and respect. To improve our lives, sex workers must take the power to control our own destinies. That is why Maggie’s exists first and foremost as an organization run by and for sex workers, that is controlled by sex workers.

In the early 80's when many local efforts supported sex workers in challenging harmful laws and police violence, one area missing were safe community spaces to network, connect and strategize collectively. Our drop in program in Toronto's downtown east end provided this kind of space while we ran street outreach programs, distributed harm reduction supplies for safe sex and drug use, and created space for education and advocacy to tackle harmful narratives about sex work and more. 

While many of our programs and services have evolved over time to meet the changing needs of sex workers in our communities, we continue to provide space for sex workers to connect, access harm reduction materials, street outreach and education for community organizations, political leaders and allies.

We currently offer a wide range of programs and services: weekly drop-in programming, a monthly Real Work Group series for current/former sex workers, Indigenous programming and virtual arts programs. Learn more about our programs or check out our events calendar to see our monthly offerings!

Maggie's is also involved in local advocacy in Toronto's downtown east. We participate in anti-poverty organizing, racial justice work challenging police violence, LGBTQ2S liberation work, Indigenous sovereignty and outreach efforts, harm reduction work and more.

One of our most pressing political project is the fight for decriminalization of sex work in Canada. We recognize that harmful laws that criminalize any are of sex workers - sex workers themselves, our clients, networks and advertisers - drive sex work underground into unregulated arenas. To decriminalize sex work in Canada - and remove *all criminal laws* that target our communities - would allow sex workers to structure work on their terms, assert their rights as workers and access government aid, community supports and services in stigma free environments.


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