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covid-19 resources & support

The pandemic has dramatically altered how we run our programs and services. Due to the alarming rate of exposure in Toronto we've made the tough call to suspend all in-person programs including our weekly drop-in, office hours and workshops.

We are currently running virtual programming and providing sex workers a number of key supports as the pandemic rages on including: emergency funds, emergency food boxes, free therapy (individual & group sessions) and free legal supports.


community programs

We offer a wide-range of supportive programming and services for SW across Toronto and the GTA.

From monthly workshops on sexual health, workplace health and safety, harm reduction approaches and more. Our programs also feature culturally-specific elements for Black and Indigenous Communities of Colour.

Please note that our physical space is closed due to the pandemic in Toronto. We are running virtual programming and providing emergency resources + supports to community until it is safe to host in-person drop-ins and workshops again! 

Forest Trees


We run street and indoor outreach programs in Toronto's downtown east offering safe sex and drug use supplies to local community spaces and SW. 

We work with community organizations (drop-in's, shelters and grassroots orgs) to provide harm reduction materials to SW communities in our area - and are always looking to expand our reach!

We're always looking for opportunities to reach SW across Toronto & the GTA and expand our existing efforts into other areas of SW. 

Interested in working with us? 


community education

We work with individuals, organizations, schools and other political causes to expand local knowledge of SW justice work and build important connections that allow service providers to better serve local SW, create solidarity between local movements and SW justice efforts and build key alliances that strengthen our work.

Our staff and volunteers run workshops detailing the importance of SW justice and how to better serve + align with SW in your community!

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Political advocacy

We're a proud SW justice organization working to ensure all SW get to live, work and thrive in their communities. We believe that SW deserve to control our own destinies and must be the ones leading efforts for decriminalization and community support. 

We are the ones best equipped to serve and protect one another. 

Maggie's is a member group of the Canadian Alliance for SW Law Reform and advocates for the total decriminalization and destigmatization of SW in Canada and globally. Our political advocacy work is conducted through the Alliance and our committees.



Legal support

We work to provide sex workers with legal resources, supports and defence when navigating the criminal justice system.

If you're experiencing issues related to your housing, bylaw enforcement or criminal charges, connect with us today!

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