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TONIGHT: Shoot Your Shot: A Community and Collaboration Hub for Content Creators

Join us tonight at Maggie's for our fist instalment of Shoot Your Shot! Connect via email at or 416-964-0150 for exact location details.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online sex work, connecting with like-minded content creators and sharing knowledge can be crucial in exchanging tips, tricks and best practices. Enter: Shoot Your Shot, a collective meet-up designed for both experienced professionals and budding online content creators. At 8pm/EST we'll host community at Maggie's to connect and gain valuable insights into various aspects of the industry.

Learning, Collaboration, and Growth: Shoot Your Shot offers opportunities skill and knowledge sharing among content creators. Whether you're seeking to enhance your content creation and editing abilities, expand your tip menu with tantalizing additions, master the art of effective advertising, optimize earnings during live shows, or prioritize personal safety, we want to hear from you + build spaces that help develop these important skills!

Special Guest Appearance: Tonight at Maggie's we're joined by a top 1.9% earner on OnlyFans. This distinguished guest brings valuable expertise and firsthand experience re: content creation, tips/tricks and best practices!

Community Building and Networking: We hope Shoot Your Shot will foster a sense of community among content creators, allowing us to connect and collaborate with one another! By bringing together diverse perspectives, we're hoping to build a supportive environment where attendees can exchange ideas, form partnerships, and discover new avenues for growth/personal + professional development.

If you're a content creator looking to connect, gain invaluable knowledge, and explore exciting collaboration opportunities, Shoot Your Shot is not to be missed! Reach out to for more information on how to join us at 8pm/EST tonight and for exact location details! (Note: our offices are near Yonge/Dundas Square)

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