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Our Harm Reduction/Home Delivery Service with The Bike Brigade!

Our free harm reduction supply delivery service is open to Toronto providers!

At Maggie's, our mission is to provide non-judgmental services and supplies to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted blood-borne infections, overdose, and other health issues among sex workers and community members. Recognizing the growing need for accessible harm reduction supplies in Toronto, we have recently launched a new and improved harm reduction supply delivery program in Toronto to help address barriers that could hinder our communities from accessing these essential resources through in person programming and services at Maggie's. In this exciting development, we've partnered with The Bike Brigade, an inspiring group of dedicated cyclists making a positive impact in the community by providing access to a wide range of supports: food/grocery care packages, baked goods and now harm reduction supplies from Maggie's! Together, we are committed to ensuring that harm reduction supplies reach those in need conveniently and discreetly.

Removing Barriers with Home Delivery

In a world where stigma and transportation challenges can prevent individuals from accessing harm reduction supplies due to long commute times, difficulties or apprehension attending in-person programming to collect safer sex and drug use supplies, our Harm Reduction Supply Delivery Program aims to get supplies directly to those who need them, in ways that fit their lifestyles. By delivering supplies directly to people's doorsteps, we eliminate the fear of judgment, save valuable time and travel costs, and empower individuals to plan ahead, maximizing their safety. We believe that everyone should have equal access to the resources they need to protect their health, and this service ensures just that.

Collaborating with The Bike Brigade

We're proud to collaborate with The Bike Brigade, a remarkable organization that has dedicated itself to serving equity-seeking groups, food banks, and vulnerable members of underinvested communities. The shared values and goals between our organizations made this partnership a natural fit. The Bike Brigade, consisting of over 1000 cyclists, goes above and beyond to deliver essential resources across Toronto. Their commitment to social equity, and community service aligns perfectly with our mission at Maggie's. Working alongside The Bike Brigade on this initiative is a privilege, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their incredible efforts.

Expanding Reach and Accessibility

We are thrilled to announce that our online ordering form is now accessible to Toronto-based providers. This development ensures that individuals in need can easily request harm reduction supplies from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. For those residing outside The Bike Brigade's service area, we also offer alternative shipping options to ensure accessibility for as many people as possible. By continuously seeking innovative ways to reach our community, we strive to break down barriers and make harm reduction supplies readily available to all.

Comprehensive Supply Range

We're dedicated to meeting the diverse and quickly evolving needs of our community, and we do our best to accommodate by updating and improving our offerings based on your feedback. Our Home Delivery Service includes a wide range of harm reduction supplies designed to promote health and well-being. From syringe kits and crack/cocaine kits to meth kits, naloxone kits, safer sex kits, HIV self-testing kits, and fentanyl testing strips, our inventory encompasses essential resources to address various health concerns. By offering a comprehensive range of supplies, we aim to ensure that individuals can access the resources necessary for their specific circumstances. Our offerings include:

Syringe Kit (short & long)

1 tip and safety booklet

5 needles

5 cookers

5 filters

5 alcohol pads

5 water viles

5 vitamin C packets

2 rubber ties

Crack/Cocaine Kit

Booklet on preventing overdoses

Maggies info booklet

2 bowl pipes

2 stem pipes

2 sticks

2 screens

Meth Kit

2 bowl pipes

3 condoms

2 lube packets

Naloxone Kit

Kit with 2 doses (nasal or injection available)

Safer Sex Kit

10 condoms

4 lube packets

Maggie’s pamphlet

HIV Self-Testing Kit

Fentanyl Testing Strips

External condoms

Insertive condoms

Dental dams

By addressing barriers and providing discreet, efficient, and timely delivery, we strive to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Together with The Bike Brigade, we are committed to ensuring that essential supplies reach those who need them most. If you or someone you know could benefit from our Home Delivery Service, we encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource and contact us today!

For more information about our Home Delivery Service or any related inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact our HIV and Harm Reduction Program Co-Managers Tamar at or Michael at


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