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Now Offering Free Short Term Counselling For Sex Workers!

Maggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is offering short term emergency counselling sessions & secondary referrals for gender-affirming surgeries with our in-house counsellor Alex Norris M.S.W. (they/them) until March 31st 2021.

Alex is providing:

  1. One-on-one therapy sessions

  2. Secondary assessment/referral for bottom surgeries

These sessions are being offered at no-cost to current and former sex workers in the Toronto & GTA area. We are prioritizing applicants from marginalized groups (Queer/Trans, Black and Indigenous Communities of Colour [QT/BIPOC]) who face significant systemic barriers to accessing these types of services. Eligible applicants will qualify for 1-6 sessions depending on their needs. Appointments will be provided through video or phone calls. Please note that this is a short term service and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer the service to everyone who applies. An Important Note: Secondary assessments are required for OHIP prior-approval for lower (genital) surgeries only. Upper (chest) surgeries do not require a secondary assessment, and as a social worker, Alex cannot complete primary assessments. That said, if your primary referrer (physician/nurse practitioner) wants a letter documenting gender dysphoria symptoms to support their referral, Alex would be happy to provide this. Register Here About Alex Norris Alex Norris is a white queer & trans person living in Toronto. They hold a Master of Social Work degree from York University, where much of their work focused on the intersections of gender diversity and colonialism.

Alex practices feminist, strengths-based, narrative therapy. Their work centres solidarity, respect, and an appreciation for the resilience and expertise of their clients. This means they aim to show up with the skills to support healing and growth, but do not claim to know what’s best for anyone they work with. They have additional training in trans health to support people through referrals/assessments and in exploring what transition might look like for them. Alex runs a private practice online and is pleased to offer these services to Maggie’s TO clients through February and March.

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