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+2,500 Vaccinated at Our Community Clinics!

We vaccinated 567 community members at our Strip Club Booster Vaccine Drive Monday!

We've organized nine community vaccine clinics providing low-barrier access to vaccines and booster shots that have reached more than 2,500 people in community! Our low barrier clinics partner with healthcare providers to make sure those without ID, OHIP/health coverage or proof of address can access vaccines without appointment bookings or navigating the online booking system. Our most recent clinic at Fillmore's Gentlemen's Club with University Health Network ran from 8am through 5pm and reached 567 in community!

We plan to continue at clubs across the city to make sure sex workers and others struggling to access vaccines have fair access.

As we continue to challenge stigma, shame and increased criminalization from Mayor John Tory and the City of Toronto, increased scrutiny from Toronto Police and local Bylaw Enforcement Officers as well as pubicly degrading remarks from Premier Doug Ford, our communities are leading on vaccine access and public health supports through this pandemic - we fight back through our actions to protect our communities, and work to set an example of what low barrier access to community clinics, food security, emergency funds and mutual aid should look like through this pandemic. Deeply thankful for community support through these times and excited to keep moving + growing!

A special thanks to our site lead for the day Dr. Aisha Khatib, who ran the clinic so smoothly and made sure we had more than enough to vaccinate our entire line-up! We are deeply grateful to work with a site lead that treats sex workers with dignity and respect, and many in our community noted positive experiences with healthcare workers at the clinic. Thank you to our friends at The Bike Brigade who continue to show up and help keep our participants safe! Finally, we are eternally grateful to the dancers and staff at Filmores (especially Alex and Kaspar!) for accommodating yesterday’s clinic at their workplace. We wouldn’t have been able to run the clinic without their support, flexibility or wildly popular classical music playlists yesterday! If you want to show Maggie’s support for these clinics go to the club and 💸 tip them 💸 well! Our next clinic will run Monday, January 3rd at Zanzibar Tavern (359 Yonge Street) from 10:00am through 6:00pm.

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