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Maggie’s provides a safe and inclusive space for sex workers in Toronto. The organization is also a leader in sex work advocacy in Canada and is recognized for its work internationally. It’s important that volunteers at all levels are committed to and positively represent Maggie’s values and principles.


These include:

  • Sex workers must take the power to control their own destinies and improve their lives.

  • Sex work is real work.

  • Sex work is socially legitimate, important and valuable work.

  • Sex work is not the same as human trafficking. Sex work is a job selling a sexual service. Trafficking is coerced or forced labour.

  • Sex work is not intrinsically dangerous, oppressive or exploitative. Most of the problems faced are due to legal and social systems that disregard the rights and worth of sex workers.

  • The oppression of sex workers does not affect everyone in the same way. Some face additional oppressions based on racism, colonialism, sexism, transphobia, poverty, homophobia, prison experience, use drugs, are youth, or have disabilities.

Help Make A Difference

Volunteer Roles

Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to govern the organization. This means making sure that the organization is fulfilling its mission, is financially responsible, and is a healthy and productive place of work. Maggie’s is interested in recruiting Board Members with business, nonprofit, or financial experience who have a connection to, or lived experience of, sex work. 


Volunteer help in the office is crucial for Maggie’s, a small nonprofit with limited administration support. Administration work also provides an opportunity for sex workers to diversify their skillset, build their resume and get office experience.


Standing up for sex workers’ rights and growing awareness of sex work as a legitimate work choice are important activities for Maggie’s. To have an impact, it’s important to help volunteers with lived sex work experience to share their stories and support the movement.


Events are a great way to involve people that have busy schedules or who aren’t sure about committing to volunteering. They are also a great way for volunteers to meet each other and develop their teambuilding skills.

Current Opportunities

Please check back later.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the volunteer application form and code of conduct.​​

Maggie's Toronto

Maggie's is an organization run for and by sex workers. We are founded on the belief that in order to improve our circumstances, sex workers must control our own lives and destinies.

Email: info@maggiesto.org

Phone: 416-964-0150

Registered Charity: 1139837561 RR 0001

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