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All Hands In

Ready to fight for sex worker justice? 

As a registered charity volunteering with Maggie's counts toward community service requirements and course credits.

We're one of Canada's oldest by and for sex workers justice organizations. We believe all sex workers deserve to live and work with safety and dignity, and in order to achieve this we must be in control of our own destinies. For this reason our organization prioritizes sex workers in all positions. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive space for sex workers in Toronto.

The organization is also a leader in sex work advocacy in Canada and is recognized for its work internationally. It’s important that volunteers at all levels are committed to and positively represent Maggie’s values and principles.

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Volunteering with us counts toward required
community service hours.

Maggie's is a registered charity. 

This means you can do your community service hours with us! If you need to do community service for ANY criminal offense and are a current or former sex worker, connect with us today!

Charity #: 
139837561 RR 0001

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Our committees are led by chairs of the Board of Directors. These are volunteer positions dedicated to providing support to Maggie's and to the broader sex working community. We conduct (remote) meetings on a monthly basis. For project work, time commitments are flexible according to volunteer capacity.

While we appreciate the interest from everyone who applies, we will contact only those whose responses best aligns with our work. We prioritize applications from current/former sex workers Queer and Trans/Black and Indigenous Communities of Colour (QT/BIPOC) migrant, disabled folks.


Current Opportunities: Political Action Committee

We're currently recruiting members for our Political Action Committee at Maggie's.

This past year has seen the targeting of sex workers through anti-trafficking initiatives, the expansion of policing, and new efforts to deplatform online sex workers. Meanwhile, our city is in the midst of a housing crisis pushing our community members to live on the streets and in encampments; low-income and racialized community members are facing heightened levels of food insecurity; and racist attacks are rampant. We are calling on our community to come together to strategize and advocate for the protections and well-being of sex workers to address a range of political issues across our communities.


We are looking for sex worker  advocates and community organizers to help us develop our committee and provide strategy, lead organizing efforts, and contribute to advocacy materials.


This committee will provide strategic direction to Maggie’s on a number of advocacy issues, will participate in external committees to lobby the government, and will engage in the development of public statements, presentations, policy proposals,  


The immediate priorities of the committee will be responding to:

Law Attorney

Current Opportunities: Legal Resource & Support

We're currently recruiting members for our Legal  Support and Resource Committee at Maggie's.


We're building a legal program at Maggie's to support in the fight for decriminalization and aid us in creating resources + supports for sex workers dealing with local, provincial and federal regulations. 

With the expansion of police powers through the government’s new COVID-19 measures, the pressing forward of harmful anti-trafficking bills, and the new attacks against online sex workers, our communities are in need of legal supports more than ever before.

We invite lawyers and law students who share our values to apply to the committee as well as sex workers interested in acting as an advisory committee - identifying key legal resources, reviewing materials produced and ensuring all content meets the needs of sex workers in our communities. 

The immediate priorities of the committee will be responding to:

  • Ontario's COVID-19 restrictions

  • The targeted use of anti-trafficking legislation against sex workers

  • Digital security

  • community-requested resources on housing, child protection, immigration and sexual violence. 

Apply to the committee here.


Current Opportunities: Communications Committee

We're currently recruiting members for our Communications Committee at Maggie's.


Are you keen on graphic design? Web development? Resource creation and design?

We're looking to improve and expand our digital resources for sex workers - including resource guides, info-graphics and coverage of current events + the most pressing issues facing our community. 

Our communications committee will support in the expansion of our existing resources and programming to reach sex workers and our allies over digital platforms in clear, fun and engaging ways! 

Apply to the committee here.

Books Available

Current Opportunities: Research Committee

We're currently recruiting members for our Research Committee at Maggie's.


Are you a sex work researcher interested in supporting our work for sex worker justice? 

We're building a research committee to connect and empower sex work researchers! We welcome sex workers engaged in research at any stage and allied researchers with a proven record of solidarity with sex worker movements. 

Apply to the committee here.

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