COVID-19 & Ontario Strip Club Closures
A Paid Survey For Strippers

About Maggie's

Maggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is one of the nation's oldest sex worker justice organizations. We provide direct services including drop-in programming, harm reduction resources, counselling and legal advocacy for local sex workers and do political support work and mutual aid for our community. Our definition of "sex work" is deliberately broad, covering all forms of erotic labour from cam work and exotic dancing to full service sex work. 

We're working with The Toronto Stripper History Project to collect the histories and stories of Toronto dancers. With this survey we are specifically interested in the impact of COVID-19 on local strip clubs and dancers. 



Who we're looking for: 

  • Current and former exotic dancers. 

  • NO age requirement.

  • NO licensing requirement. 

  • Experience working out of Ontario strip clubs before OR through COVID-19 related strip club closures. 

  • Dancers who chose *not* to work out of Toronto clubs through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • You do *not* need to personally identify with the term "sex worker" if you are a dancer to take this survey and receive compensation! If you are an exotic dancer who has worked in a Toronto strip club you can fill out the survey - we have no age requirement, no status or licensing requirement to accommodate as many dancers as possible. 




We're circulating a short survey to exotic dancers about the impact of COVID-19 on local strip clubs and club closures to learn more about how we can be supporting dancers and lobbying political leaders for much needed supports. 


Since the pandemic began we've released a harm reduction resource for sex workers and launched the nation's largest sex worker support fund, distributing more than $130,000 in COVID-19 emergency support funds to community members unable to access emergency benefits. 


As Ontario heads into a second wave of COVID-related shut downs we're looking to secure supports for adult entertainers licensed by the city and lobby local political leaders. 




All dancers who complete this survey in a meaningful way will be compensated $50 CAD.

You do not need to complete *every question* or repeat answers to receive compensation, but we do ask that you answer the questions to the best of your ability. We encourage you to answer questions a carefully and thoroughly as possible. You can skip questions you prefer not to answer (just indicate this in the response) and will still receive compensation even if you do not complete all answers or later choose to withdraw your responses. 



Alternative Format: Zoom or Call 

We are also able to set up zoom meetings/phone calls for those who would prefer to complete the survey in this way. Please reach out to us at or DM @MaggiesToronto on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to set that up. 



Questions? Contact us! 

Contact us directly with any questions, concerns or comments about the survey process. We're best reached by email ( or direct message @MaggiesToronto over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 




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