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We Demand Justice For Coco - A Statement from Black Lives Matter Toronto, Maggie's & Trans Pride TO

On Wednesday, November 4th we released the following statement with Black Lives Matter Toronto. We encourage our community to sign on to this statement here!



We are shocked and outraged at the death of our community member in TPS custody.

Coco, whose last name is being withheld for family privacy, died in police custody on October 26, 2020. The mystery surrounding her death, and the continued misgendering of Coco in the TPS reports is unacceptable. Black trans lives matter. Coco should be alive today. Toronto Police Services is responsible for her death in their custody.

Black trans people face disproportionate targeting by the police and are often harassed and picked up by police simply for being trans in public space. Trans lives are inherently valuable and we demand an end to this over-policing of our community.

During a year when the movement to defund the police is sweeping the nation, we are repeatedly confronted by police violence and brutality. There have been far too many people killed this year alone in police custody or by the hands of police in this north part of Turtle Island and Inuit Nunangat. We are tired. We are frustrated. And we are activated.

The death of Coco points to a corrupt system that is set up to harm Black and trans people over and over again. We say no more, and never again! Black trans lives matter!

As we move towards abolition, we need to follow Black trans leadership now more than ever. In order to have thriving communities supported by trans leadership, we need trans people to get to live long enough to become elders. This is still not guaranteed for so many of us.

We deserve to live.

Coco deserved to live.

We unite together to raise the cry- Justice for Coco! We demand answers!

Black Lives Matter- Toronto

Maggie's Toronto

Trans Pride Toronto - Transitioning Together Sign on to the statement here!

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