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We're Running a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic: May 11th & 13th!

On May 11th, from 11am-4pm, we will be hosting a barrier free vaccine clinic at Church of the Holy Trinity (19 Trinity Square) and a second evening option on May 13th from 5pm - 9pm. Toronto Public Health will administer the Pfizer vaccine to anyone in need of a vaccine, with priority being placed to individuals who have faced difficulty to receive, or have emotional/mental health barriers to accessing a formal clinic. We have arranged this so that individuals do not need to show identification or pre-register. This means that individuals who are undocumented, on refugee interim health care, or who are without health care access, can receive their dose without hassle. We will be arranging for everyone to receive a certificate of vaccination and are aiming to schedule follow-up appointments for community members to receive their 2nd dose approximately 112 days from the initial clinics. Barrier free clinic dates + details: 1st Dose

  • Tuesday, May 11th - 11am-4pm at Holy Trinity (19 Trinity Square)

  • Thursday, May 13th - 5pm - 9pm at Sanctuary (25 Charles Street East)

These barrier free clinics are brought together in partnership with:

  • Holy Trinity

  • Sanctuary

  • Toronto Urban Native Ministry

  • Maggie's

  • Prisoner HIV/AIDS Support Action Network

  • Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network

  • Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy.

The vaccines are provided by Toronto Public Health who will be administering the doses. Our staff and partners will be on site the day of to provide assistance and care, as well as supplementary holistic health support. The clinic on May 11th will start with ceremony led by TUNM and others- and during the day we will also be participating in the Toronto Homeless Memorial.

We're thrilled to provide this support for our community. Even one dose of the vaccine provides 85% protection, and we anticipate a good turnout of some of our most vulnerable community members. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this clinic, please pass this information along, and do not hesitate to be in touch for any further information that may be helpful! Connect with us directly at

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