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The Black Sex Worker Emergency Support Fund!

Donate directly to the fund or set up a monthly contribution at

Maggie's has decided that the final phase of our COVID-19 Sex Worker Emergency Support efforts will specifically focus on Black-identifying sex workers as recipients of the fund. In our first 24 hours we received more than 100 applications to this fund, which speaks to the importance of a specific fund for Black sex workers traditionally left out of community supports and government aid.

While COVID-19 has impacted all areas of sex work, our final phase of the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund is being allocated to Black sex workers because they deal both with the financial impact of COVID-19 and a number of barriers in our industries due to anti-Black racism. These include, but are not limited to: hiring discrimination, anti-Black discrimination and violence from peers, clients and management; denial of key shifts and opportunities at work; unfair contracts or higher shift fees compared to white and non-Black sex workers.

The livelhood of Black sex workers has been disportionately impacted due to decreased demand for services, appointment cancellations, sickness, and the closure of workplaces - all in the midst of the rampant racism Black sex workers already face in the sex industry, and the over-surveillance, violence, harassment, and discrimination Black sex workers are routinely subjected to by law enforcement and other government agencies.

We are focusing on Black sex workers because we believe #BlackLivesMatter and there is no movement for sex worker liberation without Black sex workers.

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