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Our Street Outreach Team Is Back!

On International Whore’s Day we're proud to announce the re-launch of our street outreach program and its expansion to reach sex workers in indoor venues! For nearly 40 years Maggie's has provided street outreach in Toronto's downtown east end offering safe sex + drug use supplies, referrals to our programming for SW and key community supports. In the midst of the pandemic, we have not been able to run regular programming including street outreach, our weekly drop-in program, and on-site services. This required us to pivot to offering virtual programs and supports for community and gave us time to re-develop our street outreach programming to better reach + support our communities through the pandemic.

Today, we're thrilled to announce the return of our street outreach team and the development of programming to more effectively reach + engage indoor workers. Our community has dramatically expanded through the pandemic, particularly with the launch of digital platforms.

Our team is excited to be back offering safer sex supplies, harm reduction materials, and community referrals to sex workers across the industry in Toronto. As sex work continues to be criminalized and heavily stigmatized in our city, with workers being pushed further to the margins during a global pandemic- our outreach program is more necessary than ever!

In celebration of our outreach re-launch, we have created our Indoor & Street Outreach Fund. Your contribution to this fund allows us to cover the costs of harm reduction materials, supplies, our expansion effort to support indoor workers, and supports for our amazing outreach team!

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