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Oct 30th Low Barrier Halloween Vaccine Clinic at Filmores Strip Club!

A low barrier COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine clinic with Toronto Public Health open to community ages 5+! No appointments, No ID and no OHIP coverage required. Community & Family Halloween Vaccine Clinic with Maggie's! Sunday, October 30th 10:00am - 4:00pm Filmore's Gentlemen's Club 212 Dundas Street East. (East of Yonge/Bloor)

We're teaming up with Toronto Public Health to offer a special Halloween Vaccine Clinic (costumes encouraged!) to bring community together in a low barrier setting for COVID-19 vaccines (including bivalent booster vaccines) and Flu vaccines. Our clinic will offer the following vaccines to community:

  1. Pfizer and Moderna bivalent booster vaccines (ages 12+)

  2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ doses (ages 12+)

  3. Pedatric Pfizer and Moderna bivalent vaccines (youth ages 5-11)

  4. Flu vaccines for community members ages 5+

  5. HD Flu vaccines for seniors ages 65+

Please help us spread the word to community members across Toronto and the GTA:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a "low barrier" vaccine clinic and why does Maggie's Toronto use this model?

Our low barrier vaccine clinics allow community members to access vaccines without being required to provide government-issued ID, proof of address, OHIP coverage or other forms of documentation. We work directly with public health partners to ensure community members can receive access to vaccines and have these vaccines entered into the COVAX system (optional) by verbally confirming name and date of birth. When COVID-19 case numbers escalated in March of 2020, we noticed the disproportionate impact on poor and working class communities, sex workers, community members living in encampments, etc. When vaccines were initially made available to community members, there were strict requirements around providing proof of address, living in a specific postal code/region, and providing government-issued ID. This creates significant barriers for undocumented communities, criminalized communities, homeless communities and sex workers historically marginalized by public healthcare systems.

Do I need to provide any kind of ID, proof of address or OHIP coverage at the clinic?

No. There is no requirement for ID, proof of address or OHIP coverage. If you'd like to bring this information, you're more than welcome to, but we will not turn people away who do not have these documents.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible? Are there any accommodations?

Filmore's is not wheelchair accessible, but we can make accommodations to ensure community members with mobility devices are able to receive their requested vaccines in a private, front area.

Can I bring youth under the age of 18 to the clinic? (Can you vaccinate my kids?)

We will have a limited number of pediatric bivalent vaccines (both Pfizer and Moderna). For the hours of the vaccine clinic (10:00am - 4:00pm) the venue will be open to community members ages 5+. We require small children to be accompanied by an adult.

How will you prioritize sex workers?

Sex workers attending our clinic are able to connect with us at and connect directly with volunteers on site the day of the clinic for priority access. Prioritizing sex workers includes prioritizing the families of sex workers.

Do you require proof to confirm someone is a sex worker?

We do not ask sex workers to provide documentation (e.g. ads) to prove that they are sex workers. We use self-reported information to determine how community members identify because there are many forms of sex work that do not provide hard-copy documentation (licenses, ads, etc.) and as a criminalized industry, requiring people to out themselves to access basic healthcare puts our community members at risk. We ask that sex workers connect with us at to connect with our on-site volunteers on the day of the clinic for streamlined access.

Are masks required at the clinic?

We require community members to wear masks while indoors at our vaccine clinic.

Who can I contact with any questions?

Connect with us at with any questions.

Who are your public health partners for this clinic?

We are working with Toronto Public Health to run this vaccine clinic.

Can I volunteer to support the clinic?

Yes! We are looking for greeters, clinic support volunteers, people to hand out food and drinks to community members and provide aftercare/support to people navigating the space. Connect with us at if interested!

Why is Maggie's running vaccine clinics out of strip clubs in Toronto?

Our strip club vaccine clinics are one part of a much larger public health program providing vaccine access at low-barrier clinics in community centres, churches, public parks and through home-visits. It was important to us to focus our attention on strip clubs because of the unfair targeting strip clubs and exotic dancers received from Mayor Tory and Premier Ford at the outset of the pandemic. As an organization run by and for sex workers, our history is rooted in targeted forms of discrimination towards sex workers across all sectors. Since 1986 we have come together to fill the gaps created by criminalization and stigma towards our communities to provide our own responses to public health issues and work with community partners, community health centres and individual healthcare workers who support our mission for sex workers rights.


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