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Maggie's is Moving on March 1st 2023!!

Very exciting announcement!

Over the last two years, Maggie's has seen a lot of growth both in terms of new programming and new staff. Our staff team has expanded to 11 people and our offices at 526 Richmond are no longer sufficient to accommodate the full team. What does this mean? Well - we are moving to bigger offices of course!

As of March 1st 2023, Maggie's is moving our entire operation out of 526 Richmond and into 10 Trinity Square, Toronto Ontario, M5G 1B1 and are thrilled to join the host of other community organizations that call Holy Trinity home.

We will be inhabiting two full floors (the 2nd and 3rd floor respectively) of 10 Trinity Square and our offices are effectively doubling in size which means we will have a lot more space to do our work, meet with you, and run our programs and services!

As many of you know, we have been running our weekly sex worker drop-in space out of 19 Trinity Square since late October 2022, which means our offices are now going to be located right next door which is a huge bonus.

Wish us the best of luck on our move and we are excited to welcome you all into our new space very shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for an open house in early May where we will be inviting community members and partner organizations to come tour our new spot!

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