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June Real Work Group: SW & Other Income

Our Community Edcuation and Resource Committee curates monthly workshops for community members through our Real Work Group series! June's workshop is all about balancing sex work with other forms of work, managing income and scheduling, and how to address questions about the dreaded "resume gap" - Join us June 24th at 7pm/est: Register Here!

There are tons of reasons providers might seek other sources of income to supplement their sex work. You might want a break from full-time sex work. You might prefer the stability of multiple sources of income. You might want to gain other kinds of work experience that benefit your sex work career. As we’ve seen with the pandemic, supplementing sex work income with other kinds of work can be critical if there is a logistical or physical reason you're unable to see clients. In this month’s real work group with Lana Hall and Michelle Molubi, we’ll tackle questions about combining sex work income with other types of income, such as:

How can I find part-time or freelance work that complements sex work?

How can I manage conflicting work schedules?

How do I deal with the dreaded “resume gap”?

How can I better manage profits to compensate for slow periods in sex work?

How can having another income stream benefit - even increase! - my capacity to continue engaging in sex work?

Join us on June 24 at 7pm EST to share your tips and gain insight from your peers. All providers across the industry are welcome! Register Here!

About your facilitators:

  • Michelle (she/her) - Michelle was a stripper and full-service escort for 7 years in Windsor/GTA. After a brief stint working in childcare, she is now a student at York University, studying Humanities with a specialization in Black Canadian Studies. Michelle is a new member of the Maggie's Community, Education, and Resource Committee.

  • Lana (she/her) - Lana was a massage parlour attendant for 5 years in the GTA and now works in communications and journalism, writing about cities, equity, and occasionally about sex work. She recently joined Maggie’s community, education and resource committee. Register Here!


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