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January 24th Low Barrier Vaccine Clinic at Holy Trinity

We're partnering with University Health Network and Church of the Holy Trinity to offer another a low-barrier vaccine clinic this Monday, January 24th from 12:00pm - 9:00pm/est. Church of the Holy Trinity is located at 19 Trinity Square behind the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Vaccine Clinic Details: Monday, January 24th 12:00pm (noon) - 9:00pm/est Church of the Holy Trinity - 19 Trinity Square, Toronto ON

What does "low-barrier" mean for a vaccine clinic? Our low-barrier clinics do not require community to provide ID, proof off address, OHIP/health coverage or reserve appointments to receive vaccines. If you have these documents and wish to present them, you are welcome to, but it is not a requirement.

We are able to provide proof of vaccination in the form of paper or digital receipts, and doses are entered into the COVAX system, allowing community members to provide proof of vaccination for school, work, etc. Our vaccine clinics regularly have lines. We do our best to move as quickly as possible, but find wait times longest in the earlier hours of the clinic. We have limited capacity to book appointments for communities with access needs who cannot wait in line. Contact for more information + booking details!

Church of the Holy Trinity is wheel chair accessible, including an accessible washroom. We also strive to provide care to our participants, and encourage folks to notify our volunteers of your accessibility/care needs.

What vaccines will the clinic offer? How many doses do you have? Our clinic will offer both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines- we have 1,000 doses available for community members on Monday. Please note that provincial health guidelines prioritize Pfizer vaccines for community members 29 and under, and University Health Network will be following those guidelines at Monday's clinic.

Can I bring my children to get their vaccine?

Yes! According to provincial guidelines youth ages 5+ are eligible for their vaccines. Youth 5-11 will require a guardian. We are able to book appointments for community members bringing children to the clinic. Please connect with us at to book.

Appointments for community with seniors, children and accessibility needs? We are able to book appointments for community members with access needs, seniors and community members with children. Please connect with us directly at to book your appointment for Monday's clinic.

Can I receive my vaccine at this clinic even if I received previous doses in another province or country?

Yes! It's also okay if your previous records are not yet updated in the COVAX system. Our health team will be able to assist you, and provide you with the vaccine.

Will I receive proof of the vaccine?

Yes! You will have the option of a printed receipt, or a digital copy emailed to you. The health team will assist you with these options during registration.

This vaccine clinic is part of our series of community clinics and booster drives working to offer low-barrier access to vaccines across our community. To date we have vaccinated more than 3,600 community members in local churches, community centres, public parks, strip clubs and bathhouses. We expect to announce additional vaccine clinic dates in the near future.


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