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December 17th Community Vigil & Night March for Sex Worker Justice!

December 17th marks the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers!

Historically a date created to commemorate the lives taken by the Green River Killer in Seattle, Washington (US), it has since become a globally recognized date to commemorate the lives of sex workers lost to violence, abuse and criminalization, while calling attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers. December 17th is an important reminder on how the criminalization of sex work and subsequent stigmas have dire consequences for our community in life and in death. In the midst of a global pandemic our organization and many other sex worker justice collectives have had to step up for our community in the absence of government support or emergency aid, intervening with life-saving supports: emergency funds, food, legal aid, mental health supports, even vaccine clinics and public health campaigns. Too often we must show up for one another in moments where local government and community have excluded sex workers.

December 17th 2021 - Toronto Vigil & Night March

On December 17th 2021 we will host a community vigil and night march in Toronto honouring those we've loved and lost. Join us at Barbara Hall Park (519 Church Street) as we reflect on the last year, create space to honour the lives of those we've loved and lost, and march through the downtown east to send a clear message: sex workers deserve to live lives free from violence today and everyday. We invite sex workers in our community as well as allies to join us and will hold space for community members to speak to their experiences over the last year. If you would like to speak at our community vigil, or highlight a community member we have lost this year please connect with us at We can also read your submissions anonymously at our action to protect your identity + privacy. Learn more about our December 17th programming here!


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