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Welcome to House Of Whore-Her. Here Are The Rules.

Welcome to House of Whore-Her! We're proud to partner with Strapped TO on this unapologetically Black virtual strip tease celebrating Black sex workers. Tonight is about celebrating Black sex workers and redistributing wealth back into their pockets. We've got the rules and all of the info you need to #OpenYourPurse and tip the talent! Tickets are mandatory. There are no exceptions. Get them here. House Rules 1. Zero tolerance for bigotry. Including but not limited to racism and anti-Blackness, sexism, homophobia or transphobia and whorephobic remarks. There is no warning. There will be no second chances. We will be monitoring the chat and removing users as needed. 2. No Recording. Tonight is about celebrating our entertainers on their terms. Part of respecting sex workers is paying us for our time and energy. Interested in one of our performers? Of course you are. We encourage you to pay them directly and subscribe to their platforms in the links provided to you below and in the chat. 3. Keep your cameras on - we want to see those sexy costumes! We ask people to keep their cameras on to the best of their abilities. 4. Tip the Talent Our lineup is stacked with incredible Black artists and entertainers. It's facts. Be ready to tip the talent! Celebrating Black sex workers looks like paying them for their time and energy. We've got links below (and in the chat!) promoting paypal, cashapps, e-transfer, online campaigns and content sites for each of the performers. 5. Main Room & Private Shows Your ticket gets you into our main room with scheduled entertainment from 11pm through 3am. Many of our dancers are also offering private sessions for those who show proof of payment directly to their cashapps or to their fundraising efforts. This information is included below and will be announced ahead of each performer.

Meet the Talent & Direct Payment Info:

Our lineup is packed with incredible Black entertainers. Meet them below & get ready to #OpenYourPurse!


1. Mary Jane MJ is a nude artist and performer. She has been pole dancing for almost two years. Her mediums also include tattooing ad designing blunt wrap purses.

Socials & CashApps: IG: @_gowiththefro_ & @mjane.pdx OF: Link Here Cashapp: $mjayne420 Venmo: @maryjuana


2. Ferrera Rose

This Toronto burlesque performer adult content creator and Gogo dancer is beautiful like funeral flowers. Such a dark and luminous power. Emerging victorious from life's battles to slay her audience with her long legs and thick thighs. Bow down and appreciate this fierce amazon.

Socials & CashApps:

IG: @Ferrera_rose OF: Link Here TW: SFW- @ferrerarose NSFW- @DaddysRozay Main content site PayPal:


3. Clussy The Clown

My name is Clussy, the non binary clown pussy! I’m a visual artist, dancer, model, and photography director. I’ve had a social media presence for 2 years, but I’ve been in the arts arena for as long as I can remember.

Reclaiming clown culture and being able to laugh through the pain, are my objectives and super powers. I’m a social support demon too, but that’s not an excuse for you to emotionally dump on me. Consent! That’s it, that’s all.

Socials: @Clussytheclown Cashapp: @ClussyTheClown


4. Valentina The Vixen Valentina the Vixen is a stripper, model and entertainer in Toronto. Tonight Valentina is directing all of her tips to the ongoing fundraiser for Moka Dawkins a Black, transwoman and sex workers rights advocate. Socials @JusticeForMoka Payment: #JusticeForMoka GoFundMe Page Private Shows for contributions of $100 or more: Send proof of payment (screenshot) to to arrange a private show with Valentina through the night. These will be hosted on a separate zoom link and you'll be let back in to House of Whore-Her when done.


5. Blue Wild Rye

Rye is a perennial grass that grows to 1.8 meters or taller. It is well-suited to establish roots in cosmopolitan environments and is a disease-resistant crop, which is cherished for its high-energy dancing and unique stage presence. When in human form, Rye is a genderqueer drag and burlesque performer who uses acrobatic contemporary moves to tell sentimental stories.

Socials & CashApps:

IG: @blue.wild.rye Etransfer: Paypal:


6. Enshantay

It's more than nice to meet her. Professional cutie and twerk champ extraordinaire! Don't let the candy fool you, her performance packs a punch.

Socials & CashApps:

IG: @Enshantay OF: Link Here PayPal:


7. Mars

Mars Alexander (otherwise known as the Unfriendly Black Hottie) is a non-binary trans femme of Caribbean descent. They are a model, stylist, performer & entrepreneur from Toronto that Honors states of Freedom, Queerness & Hedonism. Performances include Undertones of anarchy, mental illness, fetish & symbolism. Approach with a doobie for good fortune.

Socials & CashApps:

IG - @smorezz_ PayPal - @smorezzz


8. Sunni

Sunni is a Brooklyn based SW Producer, Dancer, Musician and Artist. She is the host and founder of Skxn Entertainment, and has a kink for radical transparency.

Socials & CashApps:

IG: @marissa_rudd IG: @skxnentertainment Pay Pal: $helpsunni


9. Tamar The Doll

My name is Tamar The Doll. I’m a sexy exotic transgender temptress that thrives on pushing boundaries and unleashing my alluring sexuality on men. Having graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Seduction from the exclusive School Of Hard Knocks, I have mastered what it takes to bring men to their knees. Do you have the balls to stand before The Doll?

Socials & CashApps:

IG: @tamar_thedoll E Transfer: 



10. Tosha MaccTen

Tosha MaccTen is my name, I’m from Toronto. I’ve been in the industry for years. I love to perform and entertain. I got something called the “macc sauce” . It’s highly addictive the people can’t get enough hence why #MACC4PREZ exists. It’s not just ass shaking it’s an experience. Enjoy ;)

Socials & CashApps:

iG: ToshaaMaccTen Paypal:


11. Cinnamon Maxxine Cinnamon Maxxine has over ten years of experience as a performer. Originally from the San Francisco bay area, they moved to Portland, Maine in 2018. Always excited to get freaky with strangers, Cinnamon is happy to be part of the show! 

Socials & CashApps:

IG: @CinnamonMaxxine

Twitter- CinnaMaxx Venmo- CinnaMaxx

CashApp- CinnMaxx


12. Host: Akio Maroon Akio Maroon is a dedicated Single Mother, an Educator, and an International Human Rights Advocate who identifies as a queer, gender-fluid Black person. Akio has spent just over 11 years employed in the field of Occupation Health & Safety and 14 years in Human Rights Advocacy. As a passionate Community Organizer who has been a powerful and consistent voice on the topics of Consent Culture, Black Liberation, Equality, Workers & Sex Professionals Rights and Violence Against Women. For three years Akio sat (until the Ford administration) on Ontario's Permanent Roundtable on Violence Against Women providing innovative policy advice to the government on ongoing and emerging gender-based violence issues and assisting in the implementation of the It's Never Ok Action Plan Akio Maroon is a former Executive Board member at Pride Toronto and Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project, the founding Director of the Toronto Childcare Collective (TCC) an organization that supports the participation of parents, in racial socioeconomic and justice work, and the founding Director of Grind Toronto - Toronto’s only sex positive movement for Black, Indigenous folks and People of Colour that celebrates safer sex and promotes consent culture I/T: @akiomaroon


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