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Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Workshop! Jan 27th 2023

Join us at our All Sex Worker Drop-in for a workshop on fighting sexual harassment in the workplace! This workshop is collaboration between Maggie's and the Barbra Schliffer Clinic and will be an exploration of worker rights in the context of sexual harassment.

This workshop will focus in on precarious workplaces (such as strip clubs and massage parlours) and touch on workers’ legal options, employer obligations, outcomes of reporting, and practical tips if a worker is considering reporting sexual harassment in this context.

When: January 27th from 2:30pm-5pm

Where: Holy Trinity, 19 Trinity Square, Behind the Eaton Centre (Knock on the side door to enter!)

As always, we will be making a big communal meal together and a free dinner will be available. This workshop is open to all sex workers and we are so excited to see you there!

If you have any questions please contact

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