maggie's committee & advisory 

As a by and for sex worker justice organization, we're accountable to sex workers in our communities - both past and present. Our internal committees and advisory boards create spaces for community to have a direct say in the work of the organization, provide feedback, guidance and support on existing programs, community campaigns and lead on bold new ideas that strengthen our movement.

Our committees and advisory boards are a great way to get involved and learn about 
Maggie's, covering a wide-range of issues from political action to education + resource creation, communications and research.


Community education & Resource

Our Community Education and Resource Committee supports in the development of key resources and materials for our community members, identifying key topics, events and issues facing our community and working with our Board and staff to create resources + supports to fill these gaps!


political action committee

Our movement for sex worker justice is a global struggle for human rights. The Political Action Committee identifies key campaigns across local, provincial, federal and even international scales and works to connect our struggle for sex worker justice to existing movements at home and abroad.

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advisory board: legal program

Our legal program brings progressive lawyers and law students together to create resources and supports for local sex workers. In order to run this program effectively, we consult an advisory board of current and former sex workers to guide our legal team, evaluate their work and provide feedback.


 communications committee

Now more than ever the movement for sex worker justice is growing! Sex workers are at the forefront of campaigns of campaigns against racism, gender-based violence, sexual assault, state violence and gentrification.

We're building a communications committee to help our organization (and our movement!) reach sex workers and allies in bold new ways!

Are you into graphic design? Podcasting?  Interested in spotlighting the movement for sex worker justice?  This is the place for you!

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We believe Sex Work research can be an important part of growing by and for organizations, expanding our movement for labour justice and human rights, and so much more. Sex Work research must come from our communities after careful consultation and involved collaborative input and transparency. 

We're building a research committee for community interested in Sex Work research that will help grow our work in Toronto.