Take Action

Social and political advocacy are at the heart of our work at Maggie's. 

We've worked in Toronto's downtown east end for nearly four decades, serving sex workers in a rapidly changing city. Our  movement for sex workers rights is fundamentally about human rights, dignity and respect on the job. This requires us to address the political realities of police violence, anti-Black racism, poverty, housing and homelessness, gentrification, and migrant rights among a wide range of other political causes. 

We're proud to be a leading voice for sex workers right and solidarity efforts in local organizing across the city, nationally and internationally. We are often a first point of contact for sex workers in crisis and experiencing marginalization because of our explicit mandate to support sex workers on our terms. 

In the last 5 years our advocacy has ranged from: 

  • Direct fundraising for sex workers impacted by COVID-19. 

  • Challenging the City of Toronto's harmful bylaws regulating adult entertainment venues (massage parlours, strip clubs.) 

  • Challenging whorephobia and degrading comments towards sex workers in Toronto's media and political institutions. 

  • Organizing rallies, search parties, vigils and memorials for sex workers who have gone missing, been murdered or experienced violence at the hands of local police. 

  • Bringing the values of other local movements such as migrant rights, #BlackLivesMatter, anti-poverty organizing into our direct work with sex workers. Challenging bigotry within sex worker communities. 


Are you interested in connecting with us about social and political advocacy for sex workers? Connect with us at info@maggiesto.org.